We believe the following at iFixit:

Repair is better than recycling.
Repair saves you money.
Repair teaches engineering.
Repair saves the planet.
Repair is a right.

We're looking for a talented and creative person to administer iFixit’s manufacturing and quality processes. In this role, you’ll be working alongside engineering, manufacturing, and logistics personnel to uphold the production and maintenance of iFixit’s tool brand.

Responsibilities of this role include:

  • Interface between Design, Purchasing, and Manufacturing to resolve supplier quality and manufacturing issues.
  • Provide manufacturing feedback during the product design process, and work with suppliers to implement designs.
  • Integrate quality management into the manufacturing and logistics process.
  • Take a proactive stance on quality enhancements. Actively participate in continual improvement initiatives.
  • Manage quality projects. Perform closed-loop corrective action, root cause analysis. Manage Non-conformances and document corrective actions. Recommend and implement preventative action plans.
  • Work with suppliers to improve quality and assist in supplier process validation and provide technical assistance in developing a quality system. Regular travel to supplier locations in Asia, Europe, North America for audits and workshops.
  • Create, write, revise, and implement quality test and inspection SOPs.
  • Manage quality performance metrics: OTD, Cost of Quality, Vendor Performance Score, Audits, Risk and Effectiveness

Before applying you should possess:

  • Experience and expertise with manufacturing processes (injection molding, machining, stamping, forging, assembly, packaging, delivery)
  • Strong working knowledge of quality processes
  • Understanding of statistical techniques and methods for quality problem solving (DOE, Six Sigma)
  • At least a Bachelor's Degree in an Engineering Field, or equivalent experience
  • Skills in all the software needed to accomplish the responsibilities of this role.

Candidates get bonus points for the following:

  • Knowledge of material compliance (REACH, RoHS, Prop 65)
  • Experience working with overseas contract manufacturers

Some key personality traits that we'd like to see:

  • Self-motivation and diligent work ethic
  • Excellent communication internally and externally
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Anticipation of problems and solving them before they become a reality
  • Passionate about repair
  • Ability to learn new things very quickly
  • Ability to work well with others, accept feedback, and change directions if needed

This position is available immediately at our San Luis Obispo, CA headquarters, though remote work is a possibility. This is a full time position including health benefits, paid time off, and all the perks integral to the iFixit workplace including company meals and a strong sense of community.

When you go to a website like iFixit and scroll through the guides, it's easy to forget that there are tons of real people keeping all those bits and bytes running smoothly. But there are literally dozens of us! We're a diverse team, split between two continents--but we're united by a love of tinkering and repair.

iFixit is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Because we are trying to teach every one to fix every thing, we need a team as diverse as our online community. We believe that it takes people of all backgrounds to help us fix the world. Therefore, iFixit does not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or any of the other important characteristics that make us unique and valuable.

iFixit is committed to creating a diverse team--not only in who we hire--but through creating a supportive environment for all of our team members based on mutual respect and inclusivity.

How to Apply:

Submit Resume and Cover Letter in PDF Format. Be sure to describe a quality problem you’ve solved in the past.